Adding Notes and Comments to Documents With PDF Editor 

 July 23, 2022

Learning is continuous, and we discover new ideas every day. For example, if you have compiled a document, notes on the whole or part of your file can help you explain crucial points, make recommendations or point out areas that need attention. And if you head the communications department in an organization, you can remind your staff of an incoming event or a pending project that needs completion.


A good document reader enables you to edit PDF files and add notes for clarity and suggestions. We have many portable file readers in the market to help you create and add to the text in your documents online and offline. They include Smallpdf, lumin. Sejda, PDFelement and Nitro Pro.

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This post will teach you how to add comments to a PDF and the other actions online PDF editors offer.


Possibility of Team Collaboration With PDF Editors

Team members can access and view comments in PDF remotely, add suggestions and make corrections on shared files. A typical example is an instructor sharing notes with learners. If the PDF is secured, learners added to the team can access it and read the instructor’s comments.


The actions team members can do on a document with PDF editors include:

Adding comments

Team members can add comments to a file to give their views, seek clarification or answer questions. For example, a course instructor can expound and clarify critical areas in the text before sharing it with learners. Likewise, learners can add notes to PDF online when answering questions or pointing out the challenging parts of the text.

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Working on Tasks

Breaking down a project into smaller parts before assigning them to team members simplifies it and saves time. In addition, the team leader can view the progress made by each member or group and offer suggestions using the PDF highlighter and notes. Doing this improves productivity and accountability among members while making workflow more effective.


Make Presentations and Reply to Comments

As a team leader, you can schedule a presentation for a project with team members. Through the annotation feature, members can make suggestions, seek clarification and offer solutions to the challenging parts of the project. The PDF owner can also reply to comments from viewers through PDF editor notes and incorporate their views.

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Plan for a Future Event

Organizing a successful event in your company requires the input of your staff members. Each participant has unique, strong points which can yield a successful event. The simplest way to reach all members and have their suggestions is through an online PDF comment editor where they can comment and adjust their views.


What Opportunities Can Lumin PDF Give You?

If you are looking for an online PDF editor that does more than helping you create and view documents, Lumin PDF is the real deal. For example, you can do the following with Lumin PDF.


Create and view portable files: Lumin is accessible online and is supported in different formats. You can create a document in your office with the Lumin app on your desktop, view files on your tablet or phone with the editor while traveling or on vacation, or add comments to PDF files.

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Create forms from scratch or customize the ready-made templates: Lumin has a form creation feature to help you create forms with your preferred fields. You can also use its form templates and customize them to an appropriate format before filling them out or sharing them with your team.


Access and work on your files across devices: Although you cannot move around with your office desktop, you can access your files from different devices and edit them remotely. Lumin enables you to synchronize PDF files to the cloud, access them from any browser and add PDF comments online from different devices.

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Add images, graphics, and signatures to your documents: The annotation feature in Lumin enables you to make changes to your files by adding images to increase visual appeal, inserting graphics, and appending signatures to forms.


Highlight and add notes to text: The comment PDFs capability on Lumin enables the file owner and collaborators to add notes to text or highlight key points in a file. This improves clarity and helps you to keep the information in a file updated.


Managing Comments – Edit, Undo, Redo, or Delete

A file owner and collaborators use the add text comment PDF feature to air their views, suggestions, and queries on the project. Once the comments are addressed, they can be removed from the file or edited to maintain the document layout. You can manage comments on your file in the following ways.

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Edit comments by selecting the comment first, followed by edit. After clicking on edit, you can add to your text or correct it. Editing comments helps improve its visual appeal and avoids diverting attention from the text.


Undo comments by selecting the comment followed by tapping on the arrow to the left. If a comment is already addressed, you can undo it.


Redo comments after deleting or undoing them by tapping on the arrow to the right. This helps you recover the comment if you delete it accidentally.


Delete comments that have been addressed by clicking on the comment followed by delete.

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It is crucial to manage comments in a file. Doing this helps you to monitor the progress and address the new comments.


How More You Can Edit Your Docs

In addition to the add note PDF feature in portable file editors, there are  many actions you can do on files, such as:

Redaction: This is removing sensitive or irrelevant information or outdated data from a file before sharing it.

Extract pages from different PDFs and merge them into one file. For example, if different files contain related information, you can extract the related pages and merge them into one file.

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Combine and split files: The merge and split feature in PDF editors helps you combine many small files or split a large document into smaller files.


Key Takeaway

Learning how to add notes to a PDF is necessary because it helps you keep your files updated, promotes communication, and improves workflow. However, you should monitor the comments and use the password and encryption feature to keep your files secure.

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