BG Stock: International Ag Stock to Profit From Inflation 

 April 22, 2022

Growing up in Kansas, I heard stories from my father and grandfather about farm life.

They stressed the importance of growing quality crops and maximizing yields.

Of course, making dollars on crops and ensuring that wheat, corn or soy arrived quickly to food producers was important as well.

The chart above shows world commodity prices.

The index reached a low of 83.9 in April 2020 … immediately after the crash.

In just two years, the index climbed to 240.7 – the highest score in a decade. This An increase of 186.9%..

Commodity prices have passed the roof within two years!

With rising prices, farmers need to know that their crops are getting the best price and reaching the food producers efficiently.

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One of the most trusted names in buying, selling and transporting goods is today’s electricity stock: Bunge Ltd. (Symbol: BG).

Power ratings in BG shares May 2022.

Bunge’s business model includes wheat, soybeans, sunflower seeds and corn.

Johann Banga founded the company in 1818 in Amsterdam.

It expanded to North America in 1918, where it is still advancing.

Bunge shares receive a “strong bull” rating 93 out of 100 On our stock power rating system, and we expect it to beat the broad market 3 times in the next 12 months.

BG Stock: Fundamental & Technical Ag Giant

My deep dive into the Bunge stock revealed two notable points:

  • BG is a huge agriculture in EuropeIn addition to BrazilThe largest exporter of Ag products.
  • In 2021, Bunge made a net profit of $ 2.07 billion – a An increase of 81% compared to 2020!
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In addition to its strong momentum and low volatility, the BG stock presents excellent fundamentals.

Its value is solid, with a price-to-earnings ratio of 8.52. The average of the agricultural industry is three times more expensive, and stands at 25.64.

Price ratio for sale of BG 22 times lower than the industry average. Clearly this is an extraordinary value play!

On top of that, BG’s Annual earnings per share growth rate of 82.1% And its annual growth rate of 42.8% makes it a top-notch growth stock!

BG Stock Chart

Created in May 2022.

BG has soared 43% since May 2021. Despite broader counter-winds in the market, the stock remained 23.1% higher than last year.

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This profit crushes the wider agricultural industry, viz Down 3.2% in the same period.

Bunge Stock Shares Ltd. a 93 in total On our proprietary stock rating system.

That means we are “strong bulls” and expect it to beat the broad market At least three times in the next 12 months.

Inflation raises the cost of goods and services everywhere, but goods like wheat and corn will always be in demand.

With its business model of buying, selling and storing these goods, BG’s future as growth and The stock is bright.

grantA: The company pays a forward dividend yield of 1.95%, so shareholders earn a dividend of $ 2.10 per year for each share they hold.

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Stay tuned for the next issue, where I will share all the details about a drug company that works to alleviate the suffering of millions of Americans.

Safe Trading,

Matt Clark, CMSA®
Researcher, Money and Markets Analyst

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BG Stock: International Ag Stock to Profit From Inflation Source link BG Stock: International Ag Stock to Profit From Inflation

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