Bobcats fall to Cajuns in extra innings, still alive in SBC tournament 

 May 3, 2022

Texas No. 3 failed to make enough of an attack in the low-scoring Sun Belt tournament game against No. 1 in Louisiana.

Ragin ‘Cajuns starting player Meghan Schorman and Bobcats second ace Jessica Mullins closed out through seven of the seven participants. Louisiana junior right-winger Raina O’Neal eventually made it to the top of the eighth, tying the left-hand home in a solo home. The crimson and gold could not bring anyone opposite the home in the lower box, with the defeat with 1-0.

“It was another great ball game. “Unfortunately, as I said yesterday, one has to lose those games,” said Texas State coach Ricci Woodard. “So you know, when you have such a pitcher fight, you can not afford to lose the stadium in O’Neill, obviously, and we did. “But I thought Mullins played a great game and gave us a chance to win and we just didn’t get the key shot we needed at the right time.”

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The Bobcats had seven plate appearances with one runner in the scoring position – including three in the first inning – but Schorman always a way out of the jambol.

The burgundy and gold were held unbeaten until the fifth inning, when senior centerfield Kylie George made a key hit. George entered the base in all three of her appearances on the set, making it 2-2 with a walk.

However, the Ragin ‘Cajuns did not do better against Mullins, who went head-to-head with Schorman to keep the game scoreless.

“(It’s) the same thing Jessica always does, it goes to them right away,” Woodard said. “And today her change worked a little better, so she was able to keep them out of balance quite well. “But he also brought the ball very well into their hands today.”

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The state of Texas had the opportunity to put the game at the bottom of seventh place, after Mallins kept Louisiana out of the standings again in the top box. After a couple of outs to start the half, the first base player, Tori McCann and George, each did their own thing, putting the goal-scoring position in place. But sophomore Hannah Earls dropped to the next at-bat, sending the game to extra innings.

O’Neal was at the top of the eighth and took the victory with 1-0, sending the Cajuns to the conference league game and cutting the Bobcats’ 17-win winning streak.

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“I think it was more of a disappointment than losing that game. “I think it was just that we did not find a way to win this game,” said Woodard. “When you get used to winning, you do not know how to respond when you lose. “But you could tell by the look on their faces that there was frustration, for sure.”

The Texas State (38-18, 19-8 Sun Belt) still have a chance to reach the league game, but will need to win an elimination match on Saturday at 11 a.m. Whoever qualifies for the win – or – The home game will face Louisiana (44-11, 23-4) with the Sun Belt title at stake at 2:30 p.m.

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Woodard felt confident that her team could bounce back.

“I have no negatives about the game. “I thought it was a great game all the way,” said Woodard. “This is a team that is resilient all year round. You know, I would not be surprised if we came back and won this game in last place in eighth place, because that’s exactly the way the kids are. You know, they want to play ball and that’s here to do.

“As I said (to the players), the road did not end, the road became a little more difficult. “Now we have to win two tomorrows instead of one, but we are still on the right track.”

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Bobcats fall to Cajuns in extra innings, still alive in SBC tournament Source link Bobcats fall to Cajuns in extra innings, still alive in SBC tournament


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