FirstFT: Turkey demands Sweden ‘cut ties’ with Kurdish militia to join Nato 

 May 9, 2022

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Sweden must sever ties with Kurdish Syrian militia otherwise Turkey will block its appeal to NATO, The Ankara ambassador in Stockholm warned Against the background of a deepening crisis surrounding the Scandinavian state’s proposal to join the Trans-Atlantic Defense Alliance.

Janet told the Financial Times that severing ties with the People’s Defense Units (YPG) is “most important” in Turkey’s demands after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stunned NATO allies by saying he could not accept membership in Sweden and Finland due Support for groups that Turkey considers terrorists.

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Erdogan, who yesterday blocked NATO’s initial decision to deal with the Nordic countries’ applications to join the military alliance, slammed them for refusing to extradite 30 people accused of links to terrorist groups.

But Yante said Ankara wanted Stockholm, seen by Turkish officials as a bigger problem than Helsinki, to go further. “They need to sever their ties with YPG,” he said. “this is the most important.”

The YPG is an armed Kurdish militia that led the campaign against ISIS in Syria, and received weapons and training from the US-led coalition against ISIS, which was supported by soldiers from Sweden.

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1. The Russians support the fleeing Ukrainians A network of Russian activists and volunteers against war – which operates mainly by word of mouth and in the telegram messaging app – is Help for thousands of Ukrainian refugees Escape from Russia, cross land borders to neighboring countries like the Baltic states. Kyiv has accused Moscow of forcibly deporting Ukrainians to Russia.

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2. Why the UK has the highest inflation in the G7 When the finance ministers and central bank governors in Bonn met yesterday, Chancellor Rishi Sonek and the Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey had the dubious honor Manages the worst inflation Among the advanced economies, as the data showed that inflation in the UK rose to 9% in April.

3. The UK FCA obtain powers to protect access to cash The financial regulator Will receive new powers Ensure that banks and building companies continue to provide access to cash. Legislation to be published today will allow the Financial Conduct Authority to intervene to ensure that communities are not cut off from banking services upon the disappearance of branches.

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4. Wall Street is suffering from the worst day since the first months of the epidemic US stocks held up Sharp falls Yesterday, when weak results from consumers raised concerns about inflation and stifled supply chains. The S&P 500 was down 4%, its biggest loss since June 2020, with a 98% drop in the stock, while the technology-dominated Nasdaq Composite dropped 4.7%.

5. The Blade shuttle company is storming the prestigious Riviera routes The Blade Air Mobility helicopter shuttle company has Executed transactions worth 48 million euros Including with the Monaco royal family and Ferrari shareholder John Alcan flying between the French Riviera, Monte Carlo and Courchevel. It plans to announce deals today ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, for which it is announcing $ 220 flights to the Nice seat.

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A Blade-branded Monkey helicopter flies over Monte Carlo ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend © Blade Air Mobility

The day ahead

NATO meets The defense chiefs will convene in Brussels today, with US President Joe Biden hosting the leaders of Finland and Sweden in the White House. Discuss their NATO applications.

ECB minutes Policymakers will release minutes from the recent meeting of the European Central Bank, with central banks around the world looking Sweet interest point In the fight against inflation.

Company profits membership Reporting Results include easyJet, Generali, Investec, National Grid, Qinetiq and Royal Mail.

events The 67th The Ivor Prizes were awarded Songwriting and composition will be held at Grosvenor House in London.

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Cairo at 04:00, as seen from a flight between Bahrain and London © Mark Vanhoenacker

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