Induction Vs. Gas Vs. Electric Cooking Range. Which Cooking Range Is Best For You? 

 March 15, 2022

Selecting the best cooking for your kitchen is an integral part of the overall convenience, functional, and stylish kitchen. A cooking range is an appliance that has a stovetop and an oven combined in one.

It helps you save space in your kitchen and provide additional cooking functions that you won’t find in separate cooktop and oven appliances.

You need to pick the right cooking range that will operate efficiently and help you cook your favorite dishes conveniently.

Here are the four types of cooking ranges available in the market with each of them having certain advantages and drawbacks –

1. Gas Cooking Range

Gas Cooking Range

Gas Cooking Range

A gas cooking range will need access to a gas hook up to operate. The modern gas range has an electronic ignition that sparks flames for the cooktop or the oven when switched on.

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Since these use an open flame, cooking is much faster in them.

You can also control the heat by switching between low and high temperature instantly for complex cooking.

One drawback of the gas cooking range is that you need to turn the knobs to control the flames, and it can sometimes be difficult to find the right temperature for different dishes.

2. Electric Cooking Range

The electric range does not have an open flame for cooking and thus are much safer than gas cooking ranges.

These contain multiple electric coil burners for the cooktop and electric heating elements for the oven.

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The electric cooking range allows you to select the more precise temperature for every dish you cook.

Since the heat in these is in the low variance, these are ideal for baked dishes. These, however, lack the power or heat that gas ranges offer.

3. Induction Cooking Range

Induction cooking ranges use electromagnetic energy to cook food. These usually feature a glass cooktop surface where the burners heat up using magnetic coils under it.

You have better control over the temperature; it allows for faster heating and cooling and lowers the risk of food burning.

These are energy-efficient but do not work with glass, copper, aluminum, or some stainless steel cookware.

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Induction cooking ranges are quite inexpensive and might not be suitable for homeowners with a low budget.

4. Dual Fuel Cooking Range

Dual Fuel Cooking Range

Dual Fuel Cooking Range

If you want to take advantage of both gas and electric cooking range, you can opt for a dual fuel cooking range.

These ranges have a gas cooktop and electric oven, giving you more control over the food you cook on them.

The gas cooktop offers excellent heat power for boiling, heating, and sautéing different dishes, while the electric oven allows more consistent and controlled heat that is great for baked dishes.

These are, however, expensive, but their exceptional capabilities give good value for those who love to cook.

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Once you have selected the type of cooking range that would be perfect for your kitchen, you need to focus on the style of range and the different features of the cooking range to enhance your cooking experience.

You can choose from a free-standing range, slide-in, or a drop-in range depending on the amount of space in your kitchen.

The right cooking range will allow you to create a modern kitchen that is not just perfect for cooking, but for entertaining as well.


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