Johnny Depp: What Happens If He Wins Lawsuit Against Amber Heard? 

 May 5, 2022

The Johnny Depp-Amber Defamation Trial was on a break this week to allow the judge to attend a previously scheduled conference that was not related to the case.

The trial will continue on Monday and is expected to end on May 27th.

It is a testament to the high stakes and the finished drama of the afternoon newspapers that this legal battle has remained a hot topic of debate and debate on social media even during a one-week hiatus.

Depp sues Heard for $ 50 millionclaiming he did irreparable damage to his career with the 2018 essay Washington Post where he identified himself as a survivor of domestic violence.

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The irony, of course, is that the trial has garnered far more attention to the actors ’short, devastating marriage than Heard’s article alone could have gotten alone.

Heard and Depp have both taken a stand and accused each other of shocking beatings.

Depp first testified and claimed it Heard hit himhe put a lit cigarette in his face and cut off part of his finger as he threw a bottle of liquor at him during the fight.

Johnny Depp testifies

Last week, Heard took a stand, claiming that he was repeatedly beaten by Depp during their marriage.

He claimed that the actor conducted a forced “cavity examination” after accusing him of stealing his cocaine, and which is probably the most shocking moment in the trial so far, he told the court that Depp sexually assaulted him with a glass bottle.

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The A-listed couple has never before revealed so much of their personal life in a televised lawsuit, and as the trial draws to a close, many observers wonder how this stunning drama will end.

Amber Heard testifies

The worst-case scenario for Heard would be for a seven-member jury to find Depp in favor and award him all the $ 50 million in damages he is claiming.

Depp’s lawyers say the figure reflects the former banker’s four-year estimated loss of revenue, including $ 22.5 million for the planned fifth tranche. Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which was eventually canceled.

However, if the jury decides against Depp, he would likely be forced to pay Heard’s legal costs, and his $ 100 million counterclaim would be much more likely to succeed.

Johnny Depp in court

“The jury intends to award damages for both the claim and the counterclaim.” From sources close to Heard’s legal team told me New York Post This week.

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“If the jury finds that Amber was liable for Mr. Depp, it will award damages. If it finds that Mr. Depp was liable for Amber’s counterclaims, it will make compensation.”

– The jury will decide on damages, and yes, it is possible that no damages will be awarded, Depp’s spokesman said.

Amber Heard speaks

Legal experts say Send that Depp is facing a “uphill battle” as defamation lawsuits are notoriously difficult to win, especially for people who have lived their lives voluntarily in public.

In addition to refuting Heard’s allegations, Depp’s attorneys must prove that Depp made the allegations maliciously and with intent to damage his career.

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“Whenever a defamation case succeeds, it has a cooling effect on speech,” former Judge Halim Dhanidina said. Send This week.

Depp testifies

However, Dhanidina pointed out that the jury may be wary of the message being sent if they find Heard’s interest.

“We don’t want to create a world where people feel they can say what they want, even if they know it’s not true,” he added.

“A judgment has a cooling effect in one way or another, regardless of what the judgment is.”

Amber Heard takes a stand

Both Heard and Depp seem to be avoiding the media while waiting for the final chapter of this painfully legal wise man.

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“Johnny is in Europe to rest for a few days, spend time with old friends, play music and take long walks in the countryside,” a source close to the actor revealed this week.

We will update this development story further as more information becomes available.

Johnny Depp: What Happens If He Wins Lawsuit Against Amber Heard? Source link Johnny Depp: What Happens If He Wins Lawsuit Against Amber Heard?


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