Know The IVF Procedure Costs 

 March 30, 2022

There are many things that you need to consider before you opt for a fertility treatment. There are a lot of emotional and physical factors that need to be considered before taking this decision.

The most important however is the financial cost involved in the assisted reproductive technology and the IVF cost is something that is very seriously considered by couples.

Most insurance companies do not cover the expenses of an IVF treatment and the couple would have to pay for this treatment from their pockets. It is thus important to break down the factors and understand what affects the IVF cost.

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Lab Test

Lab tests are involved in the IVF cycle. For women, the tests include a blood test that helps to screen the condition which affects the pregnancy outcome.

The blood test is also used to check the ovarian reserve and also helps to determine the levels of the important hormones.

The level of hormones is checked both before and after the implantation cycle. After the embryo is transferred to the uterus, the woman will also need to undergo a blood test to check for pregnancy.

In addition to the tests which are performed on the woman, lab tests are also performed on men before conception to check the quality of sperm.

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An ultrasound is done to monitor the ovaries to check when the follicle and the egg are ready for retrieval.

The ultrasound scan is a powerful tool using which the doctor is able to assess fertility factors like the shape and the structure of the uterus, the depth, width and the ovaries length, the condition of the uterus lining and the number of eggs that the ovaries have in their reserve. Ultrasound tests are also needed to confirm a successful pregnancy and track its progress.

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Costs Typically Involved In An IVF Cycle

IVF is not a single treatment. It involves many procedures and there are costs involved at every stage of the process.

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It could be very confusing to charge at every step and thus at most fertility treatment centres you will be given a base fee for one IVF cycle.

This will include the major costs that are involved. However what will be the exact IVF cost will depend from patient to patient. It is also important to remember that several cycles may be needed before conception occurs.

Cost Of The Donor Embryo In An IVF Treatment

Donated embryos are suggested when either one from the couple has any serious condition that the child is likely to inherit.

In such a case the couple may ask for a donor embryo from someone who has completed the fertility treatment with success. Opting for a donor embryo involves a considerably higher cost.

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