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 May 5, 2022

Terry Rodgers, advocate and founder of stigma surgery (courtesy photo)

Homelessness in Los Angeles is currently the highest ever, with more than 40,000 people living on the streets. As this becomes a crisis throughout the city, this may make one wonder – are we (city authorities, citizens and individual communities) really doing enough to help fellow Angelenos in need?

Although there are many platforms that work to fight and help the homeless, members of these homeless communities feel as if they do not yet have the necessary resources and support.

This prompted Terry Rodgers, a survivor of Skid Row, to start his own non-profit organization, Breaking Stigmas Treatment Operation.

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Operation Breaking Stigmas Treatment Operation works to advocate for those who currently suffer from homelessness, mental health and substance abuse and women’s health issues.

“After graduating from the recovery center in 2019, I felt the need to be in the service and help others through my life experience,” Rodgers told the LAS in an interview.

Along with the completion of the recovery center, 2019 came the release of Game Girls, a Breaking Glass Pictures documentary that follows Rogers and her friend Tiana Vince as they move through life and relationships through the chaotic world of Los Angeles Skid Row.

Through his organization, Rodgers also works to support homeless people suffering from addiction.

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“It doesn’t discriminate,” she said passionately. “[Addiction] is just as disabling as someone who has cancer or an amputated arm or leg. However, these cases have been met with sympathy and compassion from both the community and the healthcare industry. We do not receive such support. “

Rodgers took the time to share that living in homeless people is often a mess. A typical Skid Row day depends on which side you are on.

“Especially in downtown LA – there’s a lot of noise and bustle. Drug dealers and drug users usually get up very early with good work ethic, sell drugs or collect boxes. “Everyone is stagnant,” she said.

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“But if you’re in the middle, like me, you’re usually ready to move to move city workers to clean the streets. It’s always very noisy and dirty. “

Game Girls available on Amazon Prime (photo courtesy)

That’s why Rodgers believes she needs to “fight, fight, and fight to find a way to get attention” to the struggles of the homeless community. Her organization works to provide tools such as case management, support and resources, gas maps, community service opportunities and various services to help people get on their feet. Rodgers also provides food to the homeless as well as the elderly living alone through its catering services.

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Are the city authorities doing the right thing? Terry Rodgers believes they are not doing enough. Although the services look good on paper, she noted that those in need often have to skip “circles of fire” that frustrate and discourage people from taking the right steps to seek help.

“I had to stand up very, very, very strongly. I almost lost my home while I was being treated, which would be another obstacle [for me]. So I think we need more opportunities to prevent the homeless, “she said.

“Theirs [city officials and servants] the role for me is not a deviation from all different people from all different spheres of life. You don’t have to be uneducated to be part of Skid Row. There are many strong people with different intelligences. I just think that without stability it is difficult to manage everyday life. People are afraid that they are already living from second to second, from minute to minute. “

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Rodgers said the goal is to make homeless people “productive members of society.”

Terry believes that the best way for the community to better support homelessness is “not looking down and judging [homeless people]. [We should know] that each of us may be on a pay distance, a decision or even an experience of trauma, far from losing everything. “

She also wanted to say that every person suffering from homelessness has their own set of trials and tribulations. “Each individual requires a different level of care, some more serious than others, but the judiciary is screwing us.”

“Skid Row is a world in one world,” says Terry Rodgers. (Photo courtesy)

During COVID-19, Roger noted that the need that is really needed for the uninhabited is constant care. Some may receive services from specific areas in which they live, but once it is time to relocate, care may no longer be available.

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“Long-term care is very important for maintaining stability,” said Rodgers.

As the year goes on, Operation Breaking Stigmas Treatment Operation looks forward to providing Housing Rehabilitation (RBH) housing to those released from detention and rehabilitation centers. The organization hopes that this will allow more people to have an easier transition back into society for a specific purpose.

“Ultimately, I would also like to build small houses for temporary housing that provide basic living skills to get people back on their feet,” Rodgers said.

For Rodgers personally, as the year goes on, she hopes to lift herself and others out of poverty. “I would also like to provide weekly therapy sessions conducted by licensed therapists and financial literacy classes. I want to break the stigma so that all people can get what is not given due to financial qualifications. “

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To support Terry Rodgers and her non-profit organization Breaking Stigmas Treatment Operation, you can donate to their Cashapp ($ BreakingStigmas). You can also follow their Instagram @beyond_stigmas or visit their website: https://stigmas.info. The documentary “Game Girls” is available for viewing on Amazon Prime.

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