Plagiarism Hunter Reaches $6M To Flag Copycats 

 April 27, 2022

In expansion to flagging plagiarism, the technology can keep website content, compare files, compare content, and compare programming code.

A company with promising technology to combat plagiarism announced Tuesday that it had received US$6M in venture capital to develop its efforts to expose cribbers.

Copyleaks, which includes offices in Tel Aviv and Stamford, Conn., utilizes artificial intelligence to identify similarities and comprehend the meaning of textual content.

The ability to reach websites is an exciting crease in Copyleaks. “You can approximate your website to a competitor’s website to see if there’s too much overlapping in what they’re communicating about their product and yours,” said Karen Kovacs North, director of the Annenberg Program on Online Communities, University of Southern California.

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“It can accuse other people of intellectual property violations,” she said. Copyleaks Founding Partner and CEO Alon Yamin explained that the company’s technology could recognize a writer’s “voice” and the significance of things in the original text, thus comparing and identifying any non-original text in additional than a hundred languages.

“The great benefit of our system is our AI capabilities, which permit us to truly understand the text and thus determine non-original content that has been edited in one way or another,” he said. “Our service is presented both in the form of an online service to millions of registered users and as an API entrenched in the systems of our hundreds of institutional clients and enables them to meet their amazing content needs.”

  • Copyleaks clients using its technology to protect their copyrights include:
  • Educational institutions such as Stanford University
  • Large corporations like Cisco and Accenture
  • Content producers the BBC, Macmillan Publishers, and Medium
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This video shows Copyleaks in action.

Founding Partner and CTO Yehonatan Bitton noted that the new money flowing into the company would be used to improve the number of developers it has in Israel and maintain its technology.

“Copyleaks is a precise technology leader in plagiarism detection,” David Sikorsky, a partner at JAL Ventures, which backed the latest game of funding for the company, said.

“Its use of artificial intelligence permits a comprehensive search of similar texts across numerous sources, including translated text,” he continued. “While plagiarism detection has clear benefits in the education market, there are numerous other benefits in the business sector that this technology is already addressing.”

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While there may be benefits outside the education market for Copyleaks technology, there may not be a more alluring market. According to a statement from Research and Markets, the anti-plagiarism market will be expanding at a brisk 12.5% compound annual maturing rate over the next five years, between $1.09 Bn in 2021 to $2.16 Bn in 2027.

The anti-plagiarism need for the education sector is being driven by factors like the rising demand for digital content in the education sector and growing educational expenditure in emerging economies. In addition, the increasing adoption of smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops is for learning, and the rising issues of cheating and plagiarism in colleges, schools, and research institutes.

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In countries like the United Kingdom, India, China, France, Germany, and the US, plagiarism cases have surged enormously over the past few years, it added.

“With new forms of assessment, unique methods to get and cite information, and the counted pressures of the pandemic, protecting academic integrity has become much more complicated,” said Annie Chechitelli. He is the chief product officer at Turnitin, a software designer for scanning students registering for plagiarism in Oakland, Calif.

“Advanced forms of plagiarism are challenging to identify, from contract cheating and word spinning to bot writing,” she said. Contract cheating ensues when students outsource their assigned work to a third party and submit it before their appointment. Word spinners are software programs created to manipulate plagiarized content to evade detection by plagiarism detectors. Finally, bot writing is writing started with the aid of artificial intelligence.

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Chechitelli explained that Turnitin utilizes forensic linguistics to determine the authorship of a writing piece and software created from deep-learning language models, like GPT-3, to witness bot writing. “Further,” she added, “Turnitin’s content database cross-checks proposed work for text similarity.

The content database enables educators, researchers, students, and publishers to surface possible plagiarism by uploading and corresponding submissions against additional than 82 million scholarly articles supplied and owned by the world’s premier academic publishers.”

North said that Turnitin delivers the overlap between a student’s task and other sources and a screenshot of them, highlighting the overlapping words. “I can see what my student flexed in versus what was turned in — word for word — elsewhere, with the overlapping words highlighted,” she described. “One reason that some faculty utilize Turnitin is that by declaring that we are reviewing students’ work, they’re more motivated to work unaided because they know they just can’t copy material,” she estimated. “It’s not simply a plagiarism detector; it can be a motivator to do autonomous work, too.”

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Turnitin is also utilized at Northeastern University in Boston, but Journalism Professor Dan Kennedy said he hadn’t been required to use it. “I’ve had several incidents where I strongly suspected a student is committing plagiarism,” he followed. “I just took the expression or sentence that looked plagiarized and Googled it, and on several occasions, I have realized deep-seated plagiarism in the tasks.”

“I’ve found that’s all I require because a student who is not a very good writer will suddenly have a sentence or two in the middle of something they’ve noted that doesn’t communicate like them at all,” he noted. “I don’t understand if the students are getting more honest or not,” he counted, “but I’ve been teaching for 16 years, and it appears that the worst plagiarism situations I ran into were early in my career. So I haven’t had much in recent years.”

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