Sacramento’s Largest R&B and Hip-Hop Festival Returns since Start of Pandemic 

 April 1, 2022

The Sol Blume festival returned to Discovery Park in Sacramento after a two-year hiatus on the weekend of April 30 and May 1.

The two days of music festival attracted a crowd of over 40,000 or more patrons formed by Elk Grovians; Sacramentaries and foreigners. Pedestrian traffic in the surrounding area has grown with enthusiasts of R&B, Hip-Hop, art and global concert culture.

“The name of the festival embodies the growth of how great this event is today! I’m so grateful to meet the creators. I’m really inspired to continue to make Sacramento better as the Sol Blume team has and will continue to do.”

Armoni Easley, co-founder and CEO of Project Optimism

Native singers from the area performed sets between two stages, keeping the spectators constantly attentive and entertained. Most of the attendees were happy to interact with each other and re-sing the lyrics of their favorite songs with us.

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Spirit sprouted after hard times

In general, the pandemic has stopped many events that are often a center of community interaction. To do this, resuming with large gatherings and music festivals has thrilled both residents and artists.

“Sol Blume was my first festival and it definitely made me want to start going out with more of them. I loved that for the first time in Sacramento I saw so many people who liked similar genres.”

Staysha Henry, concert attendant

Throughout the festival grounds were sanitation and cargo stations, funds for selfies, artistic structures and even a butterfly enclosure.

Local food

Vendors ranged from rich burgers, soul food and gyro, to sweet Italian ice cream, ice cream and lemonade. Among many food vendors were Nash and Proper, which has locations in downtown Sacramento at 1023 K Street and Elk Grove at 9080 Laguna Main St Suite 2.

“We are grateful that due to the unprecedented turnout, we were able to come out with a successful weekend in our belt. The capital of California has always joined behind Nash & Proper, but we were also excited to see new faces and new customers experience what we offer “.

Cecil Rhodes, CEO of Nash & Proper

To take

“The Sol Blume festival has brought out incredible artists. Personally I enjoyed seeing each one in person. Despite going through difficult times over the last two years, it’s been such a fun experience overall! “

Calissa Hale, concert attendant

In conclusion, reviving the festival culture in Sacramento united the community through common ground in musical taste and new experiences in the midst of the pandemic. To see a full lineup of artists and learn more about Sol Blume CLICK HERE

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Sacramento’s Largest R&B and Hip-Hop Festival Returns since Start of Pandemic Source link Sacramento’s Largest R&B and Hip-Hop Festival Returns since Start of Pandemic


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