Scary Horror TV Shows on Netflix Which Are Not To Be Missed 

 April 10, 2022

1. The Haunting of Hill House

It is a ten-episode miniseries that flips the story and shows the person’s point of view of who is ‘haunted’ and her family’s harrowing experience when such ‘hauntings’ scar a family. An exceptional watch inside and out, Hill House is so powerful and emotionally draining that it’s challenging to watch episode after episode.

2. The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Turn of the Screw, wherein a housekeeper of two kids at a distant estate in England starts to presume that they are controlled. Instead of focusing on one character and their backstory over an episode, he uses monologues, a supernatural counterpart, and a maze of twisted memories to trace hidden scars.

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3. Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass from Mike Flanagan takes place on a small island filled with various inhabitants of varying faith and religion. When the town’s golden boy Riley Flynn returns following his major success in the Silicon Valley tech world and his subsequent deadly DUI, he realizes the city he left behind has changed.

4. Dracula

A lawyer goes to Count Dracula’s house to help him sell his estate and finds that Dracula plans to take his terror into the new world. With a pretty solid first and second episode, this miniseries is bloody, gory, and has all the fixings of good horror series. The suspense is just perfect for keeping you edgy.

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Ghoul takes place in the dystopian future where the country is bludgeoned by sectarian violence and military personnel executing and arresting anyone linked with anti-national affairs. Undertakings. But, our protagonist, Nida Rahim, an interrogative officer, faces a grave challenge when she comes across a most wanted terrorist who possesses supernatural powers.

6. Castle Rock

Castle Rock takes place in the town of the same name and is a devilishly detailed mystery – packed with segues into the supernatural and carefully created characters. Based upon the work of Stephen King, who has even produced this series, this is an original work that borrows from his oeuvre.

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7. The Walking Dead

AMC Networks’ mega-hit show, The Walking Dead, begins in a zombie apocalypse as various survivors struggle to stay out alive. As they search for safety and dodge the undead (zombies), they are forced to grapple with opposing groups and tough choices.

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