SCV News | CSUN’s Botanical Garden a Hidden Gem in Middle of SFV 

 May 6, 2022

Uploaded: Monday, May 23, 2022

By the State University of California, Northridge

CSUN Botanical GardenCSUN Botanical GardenLocated on the eastern edge of California State University, Northridge University, as California’s Tower is aptly named, is a much-overlooked environmental gem in the heart of San Fernando Valley. CSUN Botanical Garden.

More than 1,200 plant species, four greenhouses, a living library, an open-air classroom home garden provide education, a natural green space for the university և community.

“The park provides a much-needed rest area for the student’s staff: community,” says Brenda Kano, a botanical garden manager and training support technician.

While the greenhouses donated in 1959 are not open to the public, Cannon said they provide an indispensable space for science staff and students to conduct research.

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“We have four greenhouses, three of which are for our collection and one for research,” he said. “Many of our plants are dying out [biology] lessons for students to use. “

Outside of the greenhouses is Canno’s vast landscape, with a small staff dedicated to its preservation.

“We did not have volunteers [to help in the garden] “Because the epidemic has started,” Kano said. “We have stopped accepting volunteers for now because it is difficult to work in the area at the moment.”

Trees and shrubs provide shade, digging seductive paths in the landscape, urging others to see what is right next to the curves. Among the plants in the garden are some of its oldest inhabitants, such as the Ginkgo Biloba tree, which grows in the northeast corner of the area.

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There are also several memorials in the park. There is a bench near the Succulent Park, which serves as a memory for the previous student այց garden’s visitors. The second is a stone in honor of the former lecturer.

The rule can identify almost anything that grows in space. He pursues plants that can be planted by migration, those that are needed to protect the environment.

More information on CSUN Botanical Garden և hours can be found at: page:.

Click for more photos of the botanical garden [here].

SCV News | CSUN’s Botanical Garden a Hidden Gem in Middle of SFV Source link SCV News | CSUN’s Botanical Garden a Hidden Gem in Middle of SFV

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