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 April 29, 2022

Amira Unplugged (photo courtesy)

“Becoming a Popstar” is a brand new music competition that highlights the rising stars of TikTok, where fans must decide which one will be the next pop sensation. Amira Unplugged, (d) a deaf African-American woman from the south reached the top three in the race. She began her journey to the star by emotionally showcasing her talents and using sign language in front of a wide audience at TikTok.

While he prepares to shoot a new TikTok, Amira Unplugged received a direct message from the casting director, who saw that she had a chance to be selected by thousands of candidates.

She says it was “such a unique process” to be on the show, “because it’s not like any other TV show. I have NEVER seen another program in which competitors are asked to create original songs and high-quality music videos in less than a week for each episode! ”

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All three judges, Sean Bankhead, Becky G and Joe Jonas, had different influences on of Amira experience in the show. She says Joe Jonas has helped her improve her vocal style choices and strengthen her voice. Becky G helped her with lyricism and meaning while Sean Bankhead focused on stage presence.

Sean Bankhead and Becky G (photo courtesy)

Hearing impairment has never stopped Amira’s passion for singing, given that she has been training since she was a child. . ”

While recording in the booth, Amira learned techniques that helped her get through the competition, such as asking the producers to increase the bass and song in her deaf ear and the vocals in the other to help her record effectively.

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Attracting her fans, she also included sign language in her song for the dance challenge “I Will Run”, from which she received so much love because she made a group of people who are often ignored in this industry feel noticed and appreciated. As part of the (d) eaf and the African American community, Amira believes that black people need to talk more openly about disability. Many of us live with them, but as mental health, we sometimes deviate from them. ”

Its main goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in general. “I want to show people that they can be themselves and earn!” I believe that the only way to be truly successful in this life is to embrace what you are and help others who find it difficult to do the same. In this way, you leave a legacy of trust and representation. ”

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Top 3 finalist Amira Unplugged from ‘Becoming a Popstar’ – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Top 3 finalist Amira Unplugged from ‘Becoming a Popstar’ – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel


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