What To Consider When Looking For A New Electric Bicycle 

 March 24, 2022

Today the cycling market is gradually growing as the primary alternative to public transport. Electric bikes have come into the bicycle market and have made tremendous changes in the cycling world.

Though a few say it’s cheating, once you try an e-bicycle, you will promptly know the reason for the hype.

They help you easily ride up steep terrains. Also, they help carry bulky items like groceries. Additionally, they do this without burning gas, which makes them the best alternative transportation.

As the number of e-bike riders increases, the prices have started going down. On the other hand, manufacturers add new models to the market with added features like improved batteries and light motors.

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If you are new to electric bikes, you should follow the steps outlined below to find the best bike that suits your need.

Electric Bikes Basics

An electric bike is a pedal bike that consists of an electric motor and battery to assist you in pedaling.

The bicycle works using the pedals to help the motor kick in. it qualifies the bike as a legal e-bicycle. Additionally, it can contain a grip or throttle that controls power and may have speed pedelecs that help increase a bicycle’s speed.

There different types of e-bikes that are suitable for every kind of riding. You need to consider the following:

  • The reason for getting the electric bike
  • The best motor
  • The category that you need
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Why Should You Get An Electric Bike?

electric bicycle

electric bicycle

The e-bikes are popular since they are non-polluting, make cycling fun and quiet. They also have the following advantages:

Less strenuous

For starters, if you love a little boost when you are battling headwinds, climbing hills, using the bike for transport over a long distance, they are perfect.

Commuters point out that the engine gives great additional miles and reduces sweating. Hence, you reach your destination relaxed and composed at work. Besides, the machine allows you to bear the weight of your laptop, phone and clothes.


For other applications, electric bikes are lovely, too. They enable you to keep up with fitter persons without overworking you.

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Hence, you are able to ride further to places that you used to drive to with little effort. Also, with motorized assistance, they enable you to carry out activities that can’t be carried out with a regular bike—for example, pulling a cart filled with groceries.

Suitable For Fun And Exercise

The e-bikes are so easy to pedal, it feels fantastic, and most riders pedal since it’s easier. It’s good to know that you can head out to unknown parts without worrying, and the wear would not prevent you from heading back home.

What Kind Of Motor Should I Choose?

When buying an E-bike, there are only two engine models that one can consider. Both types of engines are highly reliable, energy-efficient and will be the e-bike industry’s future.

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1. Mid-Drive Motors

They are the most powerful engines that provide the most extended range. They are light in terms of weight. Also, the center of gravity is high which gives the rider better handling of the bike.

The only demerit is that it can be more costly than a hub drive engine. The expense is worth it if you can afford it.

2. Rear Hub Drive Motors

Two types of rear hub drive engines available in the market.

  • Direct Drive: are best for flat commutes that involve high speeds. Also, they are commendable for most hills but not steep hills. They provide fitness, fun, and great transport to the rider.
  • Geared Hub: Perfect for heavy loads and steep hills to bring! But all applications, such as commuting, exercise and fun, function well if the battery runs out; this motor pedals very efficiently.
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What Is E-Bike Best For You?

electric, bicycle

electric, bicycle

Shopping for an e-bike is like shopping for a regular bike. Hence you need to know the best category that suits your interests.

Once you have decided, e-bike sellers like Scooteretti will help you find the best motor/battery needs for the type you have chosen.

The seller will probably have the best motor/battery. It’s that easy. Below are the most popular bike categories and the features and benefits that will help you select the best type for your bicycle.


This category is intended for casual leisure riders who want comfort and power. You’re going to sit straight, have a super comfortable saddle, be situated to see the locations and do it with a blast! Great for doing some workout or going to the store for a short errand.

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Two frame types are available in this group, the standard diamond-shaped frame and the “Step Through” frame. It is very easy to get on and off the bike in the “Step Through” frame.

To get on and off the saddle, no need to raise your leg high. It’s the ideal option for someone with an impairment that could stop you from raising your leg.


Its design ensures it goes far and fast. It offers the best service when heading to work, having a ride in town or just for some great exercise without significant strain.

Also, it reduces the stress of finding a parking spot at work and driving to work quicker than you can in a car. It helps you to move at your own speed without obstruction from traffic.

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Mountain Bikes

The bikes consist of either full suspension or front suspension. Bicycles with front suspension are ideal for lighter trails while full-suspension models are flexible and more comfortable handling rough terrains.

Like regular mountain bicycles, there are various frames, geometries, wheel sizes and fork travel to suit your needs.


By choosing your motor and category, you are ready to own a new electric bike. Companies such as scooteretti offer excellent services and will attend to your needs. The tips above offer the best steps a new electronic bike enthusiast should follow.


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